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What do I need to do if I want to get married on PEI?

Wether your partner is from Canada or abroad if you plan to get married on PEI you need to register the marriage.  The government department for vital statistics provides lots of information at the link below.   Just being married and having a certificate is no longer enough for immigration and does not automatically mean your spouse can come to Canada.   To ensure you and your foreign spouse or partner can enjoy your time together with the shortest separation and minimal delay before being able to legally work on PEI book a consultation and we will explain the entire process and set you on the right track.

PEI Health and Wellness: Marriage Licenses

How can I come to work on PEI? 

PEI jobs can be hard to find from outside of Canada.  Many positions are advertised, but many others are not.   The best way is to come and visit in person during a lovely PEI summer and meet employers in person.  Often employers will need to apply for a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) to hire a foreign worker but some such as truck driving companies may have approved positions for foreign workers already.

The majority of temporary foreign workers to Prince Edward Island have been employed in fish plants, on farms, or tourism but there is also a growing business here in Biotechnology, Aerospace, and IT sectors.   If you need assistance with a work permit application or have questions about working as a foreign worker Island Immigration Consulting is here to help.

One of the best routes to employment for those with no Canadian Experience is to enroll in one of the professional programs offered by Holland College.  Graduates are able to stay and work at least three years, and their spouse can work while the main applicant is studying.

Be aware that it is illegal in Canada to sell someone a job or a job offer and so beware of anyone making such offers.

How can I sponsor a family member to immigrate to PEI?

To sponsor a spouse, common-law partner, same sex partner, parents, grandparents or dependent children then you should make an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada directly.  These applications are part of the family class.  As of June 2011 new applications for parents and grandparents are not being processed but hopefully that will change soon.

Prince Edward Island is very fortunate to have a PEI PNP stream to make it possible to sponsor other relatives so long as you candemonstrate that they have an ability to establish themselves economically in Prince Edward Island.   Under the PEI PNP Family connections stream the sponsored person must be a close relative defined as a son/daughter, step daughter/son, sister/brother, step sister/brother, sister in law/brother in law, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, grandchild or first cousin to the champion.

How can I immigrate to PEI?

As a Regulated and  Certified immigration Consultant Jonathon Driscoll is an immigration law professional based in Prince Edward Island.  There are various streams under Canadian Federal government immigration programs and also the possibility to be nominated by the province of Prince Edward Island as a permanent resident. 
Each program has its own requirements and application forms and process.   We at Island Immigration Consulting are dedicated to keeping up to date on any developments in federal and provincial immigration laws to provide a professional service. 

Can you help with with Business Immigration to PEI?
Island Immigration does not represent clients to the PEI PNP Business stream.  Please see the PEI PNP website for a list of Business stream agents.   What we can assist you with is applying for work permits, skilled worker applications, and research on other options such as inter company transfers or temporary work visas.

Where can I study on Prince Edward Island?
There is the University of Prince Edward Island which offers a range of undergraduate and post graduate programs, and Holland College which has campuses in Charlottetown and Summerside with excellent professional programs.  For advice about studying in PEI as your first step to starting a new life in Canada  Island Immigration Consulting offers consultations and assistance with Study permits, Canada Experience Class Applications, as well as PEI PNP post graduate stream applications. 

Where is Prince Edward Island?  Its is in the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the east coast of Canada.  The office of Island Immigration Consulting is on the south shore, a ten minute drive east of Charlottetown with a view across the water to Nova Scotia.

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